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Building & Excavation Company Since 2004

Tri-Sons Building Contractors LLC was born on the premise that the customer should get the utmost care and respect from a Contractor. We strive to make each and every experience with our company a pleasant one. We truly live our lives by our motto of “We Work With Honesty and Integrity" and convey that to you the customer.

When you select us for your project you get a family owned and operated company whose number one goal is your happiness in the result of your project. We believe that a customer should not have to ask for a quality job, it should be automatic. We also believe that there should not be any gray areas. Others work on the concept of being as vague as possible in order to interpret a contract to best suit their needs. We do our best to be as detailed about every aspect of each job in order to best serve you.

We want you to know exactly what you are getting when you hire us. There should be no question whether something was included in the price given. Therefore, after many years of working under the different values of others, we decided to build our business with the notion that your experience with us will leave a lasting impression. If you should have further needs you will automatically consider Tri-Sons Carpentry & Excavation, knowing you are getting an honest company. Try us and see why those who have hired us have returned time and time again.

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